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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

cardiology appointment!

Kadyn had his cardiology appointment today. Basically the Cardiologist is going to be yearly for awhile, he had an ASD which is a hole in the bottom chamber of the heart, that has completely closed, he has an VSD which is a hole in the top of the heart, well that one has gotten a lot smaller, and is shrinking. So we are hoping that it closes by next year. Kadyn is still eating very good with spoon. Today he wouldnt swallow it on his own though he had to have the bottle in his mouth in order to swallow it. But thats fine with me. Im going to spoon feed him every other bottle feeding, until he gets it,

Kadyn i bought him glow in the dark pjs, i had put his shirt an pants on before he went to bed, well i go in to check on him and he had taken his pants off. And fell asleep with them in his arms. How silly wish i would of had my camera for that!!!
Oh well cant have ur camera for everything. Here are some pictures from kadyns birthday party. He is such a big boy!! I am excited that he has made it through the first year. I guess when u hear so many stories of others children with the condition not making it through to the first year its hard. But Kadyn made it, and he is a happy loving baby...