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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Made some progress today!

Kadyn today decided it was a good idea to eat pureed foods. I was so happy. He ate a half jar of bananas and decided that was enough and no baba. So thats kinda good because he isnt suppose to be on formula, well he shouldn be weened off of it by now, so hopefully i can get him to eat his pureed foods, and put him on milk and no formula. Anyways i bought kadyn some cute glow in the dark pjs haha, and some clothes and omg i went on a spree. Its not my fault Kadyn got a gift card and it was for babys r us, Sheesh lol. Anyways i am going to go, for some reason this isnt working very well and not letting mepost pictures, so iwill later...buh byes


Kristen said...

Shopping sprees are always so much fun, especially when it's with someone else's money ;o) LOL. Sounds like some cute stuff you got him!

And hooray for eating food!!