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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good Evening

Kadyn is passed out on the floor right now lol. Kadyn ate some from a spoon today but he hasnt really eaten today at all. I think its because he hasnt napped and he just now fell asleep. So im thinking that sleeping was more important than eating. Also the second incision on his head, there was kinda a fluid pocket there and when they took the stitches out they said to keep an eye on it, well, his shunt has shifted over to that spot that was the fluid pocket, i dont think it means anything, but im going show Kadyns neurosurgan nurse tomorrow and see and make sure its not going to cause anything. I dont think so...but we will see.

Kadyns teeth seem to really bug him these past couple days, i wonder if he is getting more in, i know the top two have broken through and the bottom one is through, but i think them growing still bugs him. Kadyn is a fighter and doesnt complain a lot. Anyways.

I am going to go now.

Bye every!


Luciana said...

i hope it's nothing too! =)

theeth growing is something annoying! Babies tend to get stressed, and it disturbs the eating part. but it passes faster than you think.

Kristen said...

I sure hope it's nothing. Keep us updated.

I've heard when a baby is cutting a new tooth it can really make them not feel well...messing up their eating schedule, they can even run a fever, etc. I sure hope he gets better eating from a spoon for ya. That must be frustrating at times. Hang in there! He's gotta get it one of these days and your hard efforts will pay off for ya.