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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Neurologist today

Well, Kadyn has an Appointment for the Neurologist today, someone he hasnt seen in six months due to him being in the hospital every appointment. So now its time, for them to basically tell me the same thing. Kadyn is very behind developmentally, and for me to just say i know im around him all the time...and for them to give me suggestions, well the thing is, Kadyns brain isnt that of a one year old due to his condition, and there is nothing i can due to make his brain think he is a year old. I can do physical therapy but that isnt going to change where is mind set is. I dont get doctors, dont they get it, Kadyn acts like he is 3 months old in some aspects and in others he is as smart as a sixth month old. The fact is, Kadyn is developing at his own pace, and with all that he has been through i dont think any kind of therapy is going to help him. I dont know we will see what they have to say. All doctors appointments prettty much ruin my day, cept eye doctors and heart doctors, they always have good news.

Kadyn is rolling around on the floor now that i sponge bathed him. Thanks buddy...roll on the carpet LOL..Not saying that its dirty dirty but i havent vaccumed in two lazy :-)

Ill update more when icome back


Kristen said...

I happen to think therapies are very important. I don't think they are the necessarily the "cure" to help our little one's be at the exact stage they should be but I definitely think that without the therapies the kid can be even more delayed and less of a fighting chance. I think if you can get physical therapy for Kadyn is would be good. We view it as "play-time" for Cayman that is helping her get stronger.

Dr. appt's are rough and kind of leave ya with an ucky feeling all day when given bad news. It always helps me to think about all the good stuff Cayman is doing. So for Kadyn, just remember he can see, he hears, he laughs, rolls around, etc.

I hope the rest of your day is good!!

Kathi said...

Hi. I came upon your blog on Youtube, and don't ask how I got to your page on there, cuz right now, I can't remember. But anyway, I agree with Kristen...don't think of his therapies as "work" or a "job to do"....just playing with him is GREAT therapy; it'll get his cognitive levels up and going, his hand eye coordination working, etc.

Right now, Kadyn's brain (as with any youngster his age, no matter if he/she's disabled or not) is like a sponge...take advantage of that; I'm sure he'll surprise you at just how much he can pick up on if given the chance

Just a little background, I was also born with a disability and had physical, occupational and speech therapy so I happen to have first hand knowledge at just what any kind of therapy can do

Please feel free to read my blog, if you want

Gretchen said...

My son goes to 3 therapies a week, speech, PT, and OT. I think they are important because of the whole early intervention piece HOWEVER, as a mom, I think we will always go through the feelings that all this "stuff" (doctors' opinions, medical facts and medical myths, the "normal" development of an infant to 3 versus individual pacing) is sometimes too daunting to stay positive. I believe that all children do develop in their own special and unique ways no matter what medical conditions they may have. No one really knows the full power of the human brain and I would not, not for one moment, take too much stock in those who might try to predict what your sons brain will and will not be able to do in the future. It's the future and we don't know what will happen and there is much hope to be had in that fact. Your son is so handsome, such a cutie and after reading about what he does, I think he's doing awesome! You are an awesome mommy and god placed this boy just where he needed to be to have all the best chances in life. So you hang in there and keep on pluggin away with his therapies - it is the very best you can give him and you are doing just that. These doubts will always creep in, especially when we are tired and the kids are ill. You determine your attitude in the end and you have been one of the most positive yet "real" bloggers I have ever read. I'm pulling for you guys and I know you'll make it - with Kaydyn doing all sorts of wonderful astounding things as he grows and infects us all with that one in a million smile. :)

Luciana said...

Be strong! They say what they have to say, it doesn't mean that you're not doing a good job. =)