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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kadyns appointment schedual

Well Well kadyn has a lot going on. Mainly in August. I believe all of his appointments are in august. Pediatrcain is August 8th, Neurosurgary is August 27th, and im callling Neurology and Nephrology right now. Waiting for Neurology, she has a parent ahead of me i guess, idk. Ugh. I just need to know when my sons appointment is or if ive missed it. Kadyn tends to miss many appointments due to being in the hospital a lot. He was suppose to see the nephrologist a few months ago due to the cyst on his kidney. Well just found out that Neurology is next thursday at 9:30am. I love early appointments. Just waiting on Nephrology. Im going to get in the shower while i wait for that one. Thats my last one YAY! Kadyns so big!!
Nephrology is August 28th at 10 am. OK so end of july until end of august is busy busy full of appointments. Oh well. :-)
Bye going to take my lil man for awalk