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Friday, July 11, 2008


SO yesterday was nice. There is this big park by Harveys apratments and since he was sleeping, because he works midnights, i decided to take Kadyn for a walk there. This park is basically a huge circle, and if u walk to road around its a mile. I drove around once, just to look through, then i deicded to park my truck and take kadyn for a walk. They have some funky ducks there, they are black and white with red around the eyes. Its called a Muscovy Duck. Just google it under image nad it will show u pictures LOL. I always thought they were duck/turkeys lol. But they are cool ducks, fearless, doesnt even run from my beagle Kielo. (she wouldnt hurt an animal, she loves other animals) Anyways. Kadyn and i walked that mile circle. We came across racing boats, every year that park has an event called roar on the river, which basically is a bunch of speed boats racing, its so cool. As we went farther we saw a cop talking to pedestrians, (which is rare around here usually they are arresting or yelling at them) He was asking them how they were doing and what not. We also saw some old cars, and motorcycles. There were ponys there for lil children to ride, and sherifs on horses. I love them horses! We walked that whole mile, of course i had to stop and sit down for a minute. My ankles were starting to become sore. (i have weak ankles) So after our walk we came back to Harveys (Kadyns daddy) apartment, where i told him i would clean his kitchen. Harvey lives with a dirty roomie, and he is gone for 2 weeks. (yay) SO harvey went to work around 10ish and i begun to clean around 12ish. 3 hours later i had scrubbed the whole kitchen, and did dishes, cleareed the kitchen table which was full of junk, and sweeped and mopped, scrubed the microwave out, and wiped down the doors to the fridge, and did the dishes, I then decided to do the living room, and i vaccumed at 230am, and i dont think the neighbors even heard me or cared LOL. If they did oh well, there are plenty of times they had woken my son up due to thier partying. So i picked up the blankets and folded them, put thier video game stuff away and cleaned off the end table wiped it down adn what not. I was finally done by 3am, and i went to sleep. Then Kadyn starts whining at 7am to eat, and i usually wait until he whines really loud, to make sure he is awake and not going to fall back asleep, he does like to fall back asleep sometimes. So i figured maybe his father will be home in time to feed him, he is usually home around 715-730. So i ended up falling back asleep nad so did kadyn till 8am, when i saw harvey wasnt home i kinda freaked out, i worry easliy. So i go to text him and he had already texted me saying he had to stay late. OK, so i proceded to make kadyn his food and feed him, im dead tired right now, Kadyns laying on the floor playing, and i have to go give him his meds. he is acting tired again, so i think im going to lay down on this comfy couch.

Harveys grandmas birthday party is today, and we prolly wont go until later, but its something to do today.
bye bye


Kristen said...

A long walk sounds fabulous!! Hearing about your walk with Kadyn makes me want to get out and walk with Cayman...except for the whole police arresting and yelling at people part. I wouldn't enjoy that so much!

Dirty dishes, video stuff laying around...yep it's definitely a guys' pad. I am sure Kadyn's daddy enjoyed you cleaning.

Luciana said...

Hi Kadyn's mom! My name is Luciana, I am from Brazil and I, somehow, ended up reaching a video about Kadyn on Youtube. It moved me so much. I watched every single one of them. I could see just how much he grew up and how mature you became+. I could see by the videos how much this blessing changed your life.

I want to say congratulations for all the fighting and for the handsome young man you have! He is a proof of what faith can do!

I didn't know you had a blog. I found out today. :P I'll come and check it out more times. =)


P.S.: Sorry for the bad English! ;P