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Friday, July 25, 2008

So i am kinda worreid

Kadyn hasnt been eating good today and he is running a slight fever. 99.2. I dont know, maybe its teething. Kadyn at 1230pm then not again until 8pm. Thats not normal...for any child! But i dont know. Im going to give it a couple days. I didnt feed him any food food because i just wanted him to eat his bottle. idk, he is laying on the floor playing and being happy making his noises and everything, Idk. I dont want anything else to go wrong with him. He is my lil guy i love him so much and im tired of the stupid hospital. He is going to be going to bed here soon, im just a worry worm maybe tomrrow will be better. Could be his teeth. Idk


Kristen said...

It's hard, the constant worrying, the helpless feelings.

I'm praying for Kadyn and hoping it's nothing more serious than just teething.