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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well kadyn go evaluated for therapy today, they are talking about getting him a specail chair to sit in while he eats im excited. So he was pretty good, he had some siezers today, but i think its because the decreased his meds, im going to give it a couple days then call neurology and see what they say, they said decrease and then come back in four months, so idk, im a little worried about the decrease i dont think they should of i dont know. But it could be him adjusting, becuase he was getting so much and his body needs to adjust to the lower dose. Also have him on a different formula, Next step....idk he may hvae to go back on infant formula because he isnt spoon feeding very well. I tryed when i got home today and he did good when i was holding him. I felt good enough to try a sippie cup and thats when the whole feeding process just begun to dwindle fast. He got so mad that he was kicking and crying and rolling and i had to put him down because it was hard for me to control him so i had put him in his bed and closed hsi door, he fell asleep shortly after. like two minutes while i cleaned up. I think it was an overload. So i will go back to jus the food which is more important to me. But he was doing was more like we were playing while feeding the food but he ended up swallowing it in the end.

I've been listening to a lot of sad country songs, i guess its just been my mood. Things are going good though with Kadyn, he is rolling over ALOT more, nad its amazing, when he rolls over he trys to roll back and he trys but lifting his head off to the side and his legs in the air...its cute ill have to grab a pictur eof it next time.

Anyways have a goodnight everyone


Kristen said...

Kadyn's feeding times have got to be frustrating. I wonder if it'll get better once he gets his special chair. Do you know about the little born named Owen born with Hydrocephalus?

He has a special chair and it has really helped him develop along. I sure hope they can get a chair for Kadyn soon. It would be amazing if it made such a difference.