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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So i got my evaluation from the early on program here. Let me just type what all it says lol.

Kadyn Sterling was born 39 weeks gestation, via c-section at Oakwood Hospital. Diagnoised with hydrocephaly, he was transferred to Childrens Hospital of Michigan. His first day of life he received a shunt to reduced the fluid that caused his head to measure 55cm at birth. He has since had three revsions and this has brought his head measurement down to 48 cm at his last hospital visit. Kadyn was discharged three after birth with an NG tube. Mom fed him at home one more week through his NG tube before he was able to take his nutirition through a bottle. He was diagnoised with a large VSD and an ASD on 7-19-2007. He also has a cyst on his left kidney, has a history of febrile seizers and low muscle tone. He has returned to chm for two months, two weeks, and a 24-hour stay for follow up treatment and monitoring.
Kadyn is the first child of Sara Inman and Mr. Sterling. Sara learned how to provide Kadyns tube feedings and apperars comfortable and confident in caring for her son. She quit her job as a hostess at a restaurant to provide Kadyn with full time care. Kadyn and Sara live with her parents who are also very invovled with kadyns car. Kadyns father is in the army, stationed in California. He will return home and again become involoved with Kadyns care again later this month.
Kadyn is enrolled in Childrens Specail Health Care Services, SSI and was recently apporved for Medicaid. Mom expressed interest to enroll her son in Early On and initiate physical and occupational therapy, On June 13th, Diane, Early on Services Coordinator, completed a developmental assessment of Kadyn notating developmental delays and referred him for PT and OT to the Program for Exceptional Families at moms request.
Evaluation Results
(Instrument Used: Early Intervention Development Profile)
Preceptional/Fine Motor (0-4 months, scattered skills)
Kadyn is able to grab toys, his hands or feet at will and can hols his own hands at midline. He did not follow a string of yellow wooden beads horizontally, vertically or in a circular path
Cognition (3 months)
Kadyn brings his hands to his mouth repeats randome movements and mouths objects. He has not learned to shake a rattle or look at an object he is holding.
Expressive (8 months, plus two 10 month imitative skills) Kadyn says twosyllable repetitions: ba-ba mama and dada and he vocalizes consonant vowel combinatopms. He does not yet use appropriate intonation pattern.
Receptive (1 month) Kadyn moves his armsand legs in response to a voice or noise but does not search out the source of vocie or localize a sound source
Social/Emotional (8 months minus one skill)
Kadyn smiles and laughs when grandma plays peek a boo with him, reaches for his image in a mirror and explores moms hair. He has not been able to leave a familar person yes because he hasnt developed his gross moter skills to that extent and he doesnt intentionally perform for social attention.
Self Care Feeding Skills (2 months)
Kadyn has learned to suck well from a bottle and he is able to coordinate sucking swallowing and breathing. He does not like pureed food from a spoon and will not gum mouth or swallow food
Gross motor (0 months)
During evaluation when kadyn was lying on his belly and the left side of his head he lifted his head just enough to turn it to the right side.Mom said this is the first time she has sen him do this. He did not lift his head from right side to turn it to the left.
Parent /Child interaction
Mom is cal confident and careful in handling Kadyn and enjoys caring for her son. She was able to learn to provide tube feedings initially and was able to teach him to suck out of a bottle with some tips from the staff at CHM. And she attenpts to provide pureed food at each feeding though he continues to refuse it. She is also very attentive to his needs and his developmental skills. And kadyn seems to be a happy baby is learning to enjoy his own soudns and his own body and close family members.
Kadyn qualifies for Part C services of the Early on program nad he will be referred for Part B with the school district due to his medical condition and his developmental delays. This assessment is based on the evaluation of the public health nurse, the interview with his mother and his medical history. Sara Inman has agreed to home visits for Individualized Family Service Plan to assist Kadyn reach his developmental milestones. Kadyn it up to date on his immunizations and sees a nephrologist, a neurologist, a neurosurgan, a cardiologist, and a pediatrcain. He sometimes missed appointments due to hospitalizations.
Yea so that was kadyns summery long, but thats where i stand right now with Kadyn. They wil be back in 6 months to evaluate him again, in the mean time its lots of therapy and me doing therapy for him and playing and just having a good ol time.
But he is advanced in atleast one thing. The evaluation was done when he was 8 months old. Maybe 9. Not sure. But he starts his Speech therapy (feeding) Thursday and he is on the list for Physical Therapy which he will be evaluated for. Also going to have teachers who are physical and occupational therapist come see kadyn and maybe him go to school. He is laying in bed right now talking to his going to catch a quick video of it !! ok i got it and that will be another post, another day lol
goodbye everyone!!


Kristen said...

I look forward to seeing that video soon! :o) That is if you choose to share it *fingers crossed* :o)

Yay! Kadyn's therapies are all in line! That's exciting! Just think about how it's going to help him reach even more milestones. So he's what. The kid has great potential! And with a such a loving mommy and with the help of professional therapy I think there will be a lot of celebrating going on in the future as Kadyn reaches each milestone. It's already so exciting to hear that he picked his head up and turned it! That's awesome!!

You're doing a good job Sara!

nanou said...

J'ai suivi le développement de Kadyn,c'est magnifique,il est craquant.Vous méritez le plus grand des respects.Vous êtes une super maman.Bisou de France.

upndnglo said...

Thank God you are Kadyn's Mommy! God blessed both of you!