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Sunday, July 13, 2008

What a peaceful day ahhhh!!!

Isnt this the sweetest picture ever!!! So today was wonderful. I went with my cousin Aimee and her son Matthew to the park. Elizabeth park again, its sooo pretty there, omg, its an amazing park i love it there!!! The squirrels, bunnies, ducks, trees, there was also a pony ride for the older children and there was a goat there to pet and a piggy. I think i was more excited than matthew who is almost 2 years old. Well we walked around the pier there, which is located off the detroit river, this is the pretty part of the river of course, and then we walked back up to the road and walked around the whole road which is a mile long, then we proceded to head behind the woods and to the childrens playground. Where it was feeding time for kadyn, and because we were out i just gave him a bottle. He ate and then we played for a bit, we went on the swing and played a little, then i walked him across the kiddy bridge and by then he was like put me down momma!! haha. If only he could say that. well after all that Matthew was getting hungry.

I was a little upset because harvey and matthews dad were suppose to come meet us after they were done moving a tv for harveys mom but, they were some how stuck in helping her move somethings, so they couldnt enjoy the lovely day at the park. Which sucks but thats okay i mean stuff happens, we ended up going back to Aimee's house were matthew was put the bed for the night, and kadyn and his daddy and matthews daddy brian played video games, and aimee and i watched a movie. It was nice. We didnt get home until 10pm and by the time kadyn got home he was passed out. Harvey took his shorts off and just put him to bed in his tshirt so that way we wouldnt have to wake him up. SO now Harvey and I sit on the couch while he plays video games and i right this and prepare to go to bed.

While we were at Brian and Aimee's, Harvey had the cute idea of putting a pillow down in this Tonka Truck and taking Kadyn for a ride. Boy did he love that, so i thought it would be a great time to take pictures. Which i did. I love that picture it is tooo darn cute!! Of course thats because i think my son is too darn cute of course lol. Well thursday i go see the neurologist and im probably going to get yelled at because Kadyn hasnt seen them in 6 months but thats because he was in the hospital for his last appoinment and it needed to be reschedualed, and they can only get you in three months at a time because they are so full, but its not like its an emergancy doctor to see, and he only sees them because of his siezer disorder, which what are they going to do about that, just increase his dosage of meds whenever he grows a lot, big deal, the ER doctors can do that too. Whatever. lol.

Anyways i am going to get some sleep before my monster wakes up. Goodnight all!!


Luciana said...

I'm so happy that you guys had a nice day! =)

Ah! And thanks for the picture of Kadyn sleeping! Sooooo cute! ^^w