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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I love it!!

I really enjoy going through old pictures. I was going through some old ones of Kadyn and i cantbelieve how big he has gotten and how much smaller his head has gotten from when he was born

Kadyn was so tiny when he was born, he was smaller than a preemie, i mean serisouly he would swim in a preemie onsize. That picture above is him when he had the feeding tube, a few days after he had come home. His first shunt, before the infection. He has always been such a happy baby and has smiled his whole life pretty much. I think the day after these pictures were taking we took the tube out. He was ready to eat on his own. I loved those pjs he has on also. They were my favorite on him.Ahhh, the morning i took the feeding tube out, i love love love this picture of him when he was little. This is by far my most favorite picture of Kadyn as a newborn. He loved his swing so much, it would make him so happy when all he wanted to do was cry. I was lucky enough to have a son who didnt cry a lot, So when he was unhappy it was pretty much because he wanted his swing. He has always been such a sweetie

This is Kadyn today, he is such abig boy!! I love this outift on him lol! he has NO FEEDING TUBE AT ALL. He has only had the NG tube, and no G-Tube. Thankfully. They we so happy with the way he was growing and eating. Even though he has spoon eating issues he isnt losing weight, or anything. So they still dont feel the need to put on in him. As long as he gains weight they beleive that if i keep on it he will eventually get it and do it. They pretty much believe its because he can not hold his head up that his swallowing isnt developed like a normal 1 year olds. So idk, ill give it more time nad see. But he is truelly growing like a weed. He is tall for his age but not that chubby. He is amazing little guy. He is napping right now, he was very moody this morning, so i just put him in his bed and told him to cry it out because i have done everything for him, i made sure no fever, gave him tylenol for his teeth, and orjel, tryed feeding, tryed playing, rocking, holding, comforting, singing, u name it i did it, changed a completely dry diaper to see if it would calm him, nothing, so i diagnoised him with being overtired :-) I think i was right, because as soon as his head hit the bed, BOOM he was asleep. Kadyn doesnt like to sleep anywhere but in the three beds that he knows, His crib at my house, His pack n play at daddys, and his other pack n play at his auntie danas. He will not sleep in my bed, and if he falls asleep its a quick nap before he is up again.

This is Kadyn passed out on his daddys bed, this is the only time he slept through the night on another bed. He was little then, he had a lot more hair also. His hair is growing back, i miss it dearly though. I really do. But what can ya do, He will have silly hair cuts a lot and its something when he grows older he prolly wont mind, or he will be like his father and just keep his head pretty much shaved. He is such a sweetie, how could you not love that face! Gosh if he was awake id go pinch his cheeks LOL.

He is doing really good though, a lot better then i thought, i think we have finally reached a break in the whole shunt war thing. I am hoping so, i am just tired of that hospital, and a nice break from it would be really great. Kadyn is getting so darn big and he is so far behind that i was him to catch up a little before any more surgeries. He is lucky that so far none of this has affected him really, im amazed that he has perfect vision and hearing, and that the surgeries have not made him forget anything cept spoon feeding, but thats always been a work in progress. I had to slow down on it becuase he became a little backed up, poor baby, so his stomach wasnt all that great for a couple days but he is fine now. I think too much bananas lol.

Well he will probably be waking up from his nap soon and ill be having to feed him..till next time!