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Monday, August 25, 2008

ahhhh to be home again

so all they did was increase his dosage to the maximum he can get. So if he was anymore they said we will have to talk abour getting another medication. Ugh. Kadyn is sleepig right now. He has been an eating machine all day. He ate 12 ounces for breakfast and 4 ounces of bananas...then we continued on to a nap, then when he woke up he was still hungry, so i decided lets try a vegie. I tryed green beans. He ate them ok, he didnt seem to like them too much, so after that i gave him peaches too, and he LOVED those. So after all that he still drank like 10 ounces. He is just making up from yesterday i think. LOL. Anyways. I am sooooo happy that he is eating so good! That makes me a proud mama. He is spoon feeding and omg im going to cry! He just makes his milestones. He is almost holding his head up. He had it lifted off my shoulder the whole time i as taking him to the truck. well to the wagon i got tired and put our stuff and him in a wagon, and he just loved that! He was takling to everyone as we walked by them., and screaming dadadadadadada....then he has the EEEEEEEEEEEEE thing he does whie smiling. Ill have to video tape it soemtime. Its amazing! He is such a happy baby for all he has been through. Its sad but its all he knows. But I'd honestly rather him start all this from the begining and him basically grow up with it, then him getting it later on and being all scared and freak out over it. I mean my cousins baby boy had never been in the hospital nothing ever, he had never been sick and was always heathly until he got double ear infection and pneumonia. He is scared of every person in a white coat or scrubs. He just flips out and screams and crys.
The good and best news out of this is that Kadyns Shunt is working PERFECTLY. He isnt going to miss his first nephrology appointment for his Kidney and he wont miss seeing dr ham for his check up either. He loves Dr ham, crys everytime he is in the room LOL. Can you blame him???

Anyways i woke up this morning to kadyn going BABABABABABABAAAA. That was great to wake up too! Better then WAAAAAAAAA WAAAAA EEEEEEEE WAAAA. Hehe. So i got his bottle together and gave it to him and layed back down for a min. They put his meds in his bottle because he has this thing where he likes to spit things out. So he drank that then i got him up. they had delivered bananas and ceral. he dont like cereal.

Well im going to run now

Kadyn had one siezer today, im hoping its because he hasnt gotten his increased dosage yet...we will see...ugh


Ryan R. said...

Hey Kaden's mom. My name is Ryan. I'm 16 years old, taking all the biology classes I can in my high school in Michigan. I wanna be a doctor at a hospital when I'm done with school. I hope I'm not out of place in saying hello to you. If I am, please, let me know. I've been reading these blogs, and I also saw one of your videos on Youtube. I commented, and was a7xdrummer22. I have to say, I'm very happy Kadyn is doing as well as he is. I know you don't know me, but because I want to go into the medical field when I go to the college, I hope it'll be alright with you if I read these blogs. From the video I saw on Youtube, haha, like I said, Kadyn has the CUTEST smile of any child I've ever seen. And the thought of the disease he has just kind of got to me, and I saw that you had a link to your blog, so I thought I'd check it out. I thought I should introduce myself so you know who might be randomly commenting on your post. I'm being as honest as I can, and I do hope that Kadyn's battle stays well. Kadyn is someone, that even though I don't know him or you personally, is in my prayers. He's a strong fighter, and I'll offer you all the encouragement I can through this battle. I know God will see him through. Thanks for reading this, and keep up the good work with helping Kadyn! I know that you're a very dedicated mother, and that is absolutely awesome! I check this blog a couple of times a week, and from what I've read, Kadyn has been doing so well! I've written enough here as it is, I just thought you should know who I am. And again, best of luck to you with Kadyn's battle through this. God has his hand wrapped around Kadyn and isn't going to let him go. God bless you and Kadyn Kadyn's mom, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Kristen said...

Glad to hear Kadyn is home.