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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kadyns First Camping Trip

This weekend, well Sunday and Monday up until today was Kadyns very first camping trip. Im not sure if he will be going camping again for awhile. I didnt think anything of it, because usually by my parents property its about 10 degrees cooler than it is here, due to the fact we are surrounded by lots of lakes and creeks and swamps. Well it ended up being blistering hot, so kadyn spent most the timein his diaper nad he broke out in horrible heat rash, So then he had about 3 siezers and i was thinking it was due to the fact he was so hot so then we took him into the trailor and he cooled off. He was pretty good. That was one day, and it was just in the morning he acted like that, once he cooled down he was great. We had a pretty good time.
Harvey went with us and it was a lot of fun. He shot off his handgun while kadyn was playing in the trailor and it didnt even phase him, the loud noise only made him jump once adn then he laughed about it. He was funny., He went one tractor ride and spent the night in his pack n play in the tent with Harvey and I. I didnt sleep well because i was busy listening to the animals. I love it!! Listening to the deer walking through the forest, the sounds of the coyoties and the ratcoons, and all the other animals up there. Harvey and I went four wheeling and saw lots of deer, even a mommy and a baby, also a courgar looking thing, which i beleive it was a cougar because it was a cat but bigger it was awesome!

Its rare to see animals like that due to us being in Mid-Michigan. We are up in Lake George, which is by Clare Michigan. There is a bear up on our property but it is only one bear and he is really really afraid of humans. My mom saw him once and shined the light on him because it was dark and she didnt know what it was, and it was a bear. I guess the bear has been there for awhile but the DNR doesnt want anyone to know because of poachers.

Kadyn did pretty good sleeping in the tent. It was cooler at night so he was okay out there. He was ina pjs and had a fleece blanket and he was warm. So i was happy that he could have that experience. He was happy and enjoyed being outside looking at the clouds and the trees adn listening to the animals.

It was fun


Kristen said...

I am not much of a nature girl! Give me my bed, indoor plumbing, no bugs, etc.

I think it's great you are a nature girl and you get to take Kadyn with you. That, I'm sure, is very healthy and stimulating for him.

You are amazing to want to make a 1 1/2 hour drive to Cayman's benefit!! We hope to meet you and Kadyn in person...that would be fun. :o) And if it doesn't work out for you to come that day, yes we totally understand how things can change overnight.