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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Speaking of Things changeing over night

Well Kadyn woke up, and he had Speech Therapy at 7:45 he had 3 siezers during that, well i brushed it off as he hadnt had his meds yet so i gave him his meds well by the end of PT he had two more, so it was off to the hospital we went. Well Kadyn then had 5 more seizers, 2 which were observed by doctors. Well the re-increased his Keppra. Seeing as the Decreased it a couple weeks ago and i asked them not too and i told them that i didnt think it was a good idea at all but they did so anyways.

Well he is at childrens right now. He is staying over night for observation and im hoping that he comes home tomorrow. Wouldnt that be nice. Yes it would!!! lol. Anyways.

They finally suggested a sleep study so maybe one day get that in. That would be nice. Kadyn is in a HUGE two bed room by himself, so thats nice, and the best part he is closer to the window so i acually get a bed!! YAY lol. Anyways i am going to eat wait for his daddy then we are riding the motorcycle back up to the hospital.



Kristen said...

Oh no!! Poor Kadyn!!

You were just saying to me about how things can change overnight...that's for sure.

I hope you know that if Kadyn is not able to make it to Cayman's benefit we totally understand, so no pressure, ok. You just tell you little guy to feel better!