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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Loving Life more and more

Kadyn just amazes me more and more, and i know that i mention this alot, but the fact is when your a mommy of ANY specail needs baby, the fact that they are breathing, and that they wake up every morning, and fall asleep at night, its all a blessing. The fact that they are here and around, its just a blessing. Ahhhhh thats all ihave to say. Tomorrow is more therapy and also i have to work. Kadyn will be here with his grandma while his daddy works on my truck. I miss that hunk of junk truck. I really do. We have been through alot, and normally involves it breaking down lol. Well like the time i was due anyday and i decided well ill take a trip to ohio. IM 8 months pregnant, 2 weeks away from my due date. Ohio here i come LOL. Well i got half way there and the truck broke down, so i got over the the side of 75 and waited for my dad on the hottest day of the summer. UGH Lol ill never forget crossing 75 with my dog Kielo. LOL I had to pull over in the fast lane becuase thats just where my truck decided to break down. Anyways i was giving Kadyn a bath today, What a ham he is.He i so funny when it comes to bathes. Ok so you put him in the water and he begins to cry, but shortly after he will stop and be okay and just have a good ol time. If you listen ull hear him throw in a mama. He also began kicking the camera so i got nervous seeing as there was water involved LOL so i ended the video shoot right thereLOL

Anyways. Kadyn is in a much better mood today thankfully. I think he is teething again. His gums are swallen and he is just cranky. Anyways.

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty busy day for me, i have to take kadyn to therapy, then come home get ready for work then leave early to send a package out, then i have to go to work ocme home do laundry ( going to start some tonight) then pack some bags, then get up early again togo :-)

Kadyn is in his bed right now just saying dadadadadadadadadaaadadada. I love it when he says that its just tooo darn cute!! Right now im making me a chicken dinner to eat then im going to shower then come back on here then go to bed, Hopefully my lil monster man will be asleep by then.

Well goodnight yall!