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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good Morning

SO Kadyn pretty much slept in today. He didnt wake until around 9ish and i was a happy mommy lol! Although tomorrow i have to wake him at 7am for Speech and Physical Therapy. Im excited. I love speech and physical therapy days!


I was talking to a friend about getting an IV. She has to get one and is scared of the pain. Now i have had quite a few IVS and none of them hurt me, and so has kadyn and he doesnt cry from the pain, he crys from being held down. I can tell the difference between a painful cry and a frustrated cry. 9 times outta 10 its frustration.

Dont think Kadyn and I will be doing much of anything today. It looks soo groggy and icky out. Ugh. I hope it doesnt rain. I will be sad. I really need to do some cleaning in mine and Kadyns rooms.

Well maybe i will write more later. Nothing really to report right now LOL


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you continue to post. I saw your inspiring video on Youtube. What a beautiful little guy! I am amazed at all your strength and your story has really help put my child's journey with Craniosynostosis into perspective. It's too bad there are jerks posting negative things about your beautiful little guy.
Thanks so much for sharing your journey and God Bless!
Theresa Mapes/ Bloomington MN

Kristen said...

I agree...IV's aren't really painful. The thought of them really is worse than they actually are.