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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

To answer a question..

The Sleepy Headrest is not covered by Childrens Specail Health Care Services, because it was originally made by a woman who did want to see her non specail needs child sleep with thier head down or off the the side. It wasnt intended for specail needs children but therapist do use them. But the sad part is that i talked to the therapist adn she said that insurance not even CSHCS will cover it, i also called the Early on program which is CSHCS also, and they said no.

Ive been asked by a couple people about insurance. My mom and family friends, and others. Trust me if insurance covered it, i wouldnt be so worried about getting it. I always try and see if insurance will cover these things, like the bottles and nipples we are going through for kadyn, The foods and everything, but the sad truth is they dont, but THEY want him to go through all this THERAPY yet not cover the items that HE needs. Why should i have to buy them when i thought he was just fine on the bottle i had him on. I mean i ahve to buy nuk brush why cant i get one from insurance. Its sad, and im angry over it. Im very upset and oh so Unhappy.