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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Well everyone

I am going to be leaving until Friday. My sister is taking me and Kadyn on a vacation. Im so happy. A free vacation YAY! Its well deserved. I swear im so stressed lately with working, bills, and even kadyn is starting to adda little stress lately. I think its because he has been soooo moody lately. Ill of course take pictures of the lil vacation and post them this weekend.

I took today and tomorrow off of work and making up for it by working all day saturday. Thankfully my work is cool enough to let me do that. My boss Tim, who is also oneof my really good friends, prolly saw that i was stressed out from work and people at work. Its sad when its not the customers upsetting me but the other workers.


Kadyn is laying in bed with his daddy. Talking away keeping him awake.Good. I got a little upset with Harvey because he just gave Kadyn his bottle while he was in bed adn tryed to go to sleep. I have asked him nicely before to not do that, to bring him into the living room and sit on the chair or do whatever (not sleep) until he is finished, then come wake me up. I've asked him several times to please do that so Kadyn doesnt think the bottle is a comfort thing, thats its a feeding item only (for now). So i woke up to Kadyn talking LOUDLY. WHen he is loud he wants something. SO i go in his room and notice there is a bottle in his bed. (i must of been in a deep sleep and not heard him wake up) I was livid. I guess i dont like repeating myself over and over.

I dont think that i should make all the desicions but im around Kadyn more. IM around him ALOT more. So i just automatically come up with desicions. Harvey works midnights and sleeps ALL day (ive worked midnights and never did sleep as much as he does!). On his days off he stays on the same schedual. So i mean we barely see him at all, or do anything. I feel that i should make the desicions on what ill have to break kadyn of in the future because the simple and sad truth is. Harvey is going to go over seas soon, we dont know when but its coming. Im going to be raising our son on my own for a year. How unfair is that! Idk.

Things have been quite lately hospital wise. Which is thankfully awesome! Im so stoked about things being calm and settled. He had his siezers but those where a medication issue, and now he is all better. Siezer free since! YAY. Thats amazing. Ive been pretty satisfied with everything.

Well I better finish getting the lil man ready. He is soo sweet
Ill write about this mini vacation this weekend sometime!!


Anonymous said...
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Kristen said...

Cayman's package came!! The outfit is adorable!! Thank you! I love that it has a headband. I'll try to take a picture of Cayman in it soon and send it to you.

Enjoy your vacation.

Anonymous said...

I came across your video on youtube, and I wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration to all mothers. Kadyn is beautiful, and you have done an amazing job. I hope God continues to bless you, Kadyn, and your family. I will be praying!

C in Tennessee