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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ahh Peditricain appointmetn

What a day. So we went to see Kadyns peditricain. They took him off formula nad putting him on pedisure. I freaked out. Pedisure is like 10 bucks for 6 small bottles. THANK GOODNESS WIC COVERS IT!! WHOOOOO. So i got rid of one doctor adn got a new one. Kadyn is now going to see a physical therapist inside CHM. Why? To help him move along faster. So we are going to see the Physical medicain place there. *sigh*. Kadyn is 20.2lbs now. My little piggy. IM so glad that even though he got shots that he is doing great! he is really only behind in gross motor skills (holding head up, walking, crawlin) he is doing good with communication skills, fine motor skills, and everything else, he is just right unders the normal line. Which is GREAT! I was soo happy and i cryed a little.


I am going to get ready to go to my WIC office. (that office is a life savor)