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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I want to inform all those who have emailed, commented or messaged me.....

If your pregnant with a baby who has hydrocephalus...please read this

* Hyrocephalus is not a death sentence!

* If you have a doctor who isnt supportive or one that reminds you of the childs "outcome" find another doctor.

* Talk to a the Neurosurgan, get a second opinon if possible

* if availiable get a Fetal MRI.

* Shunts do have the ability to last along time, but they can fail, some will last 15 years some may last 15 days. Shunts are funny. Some people can go through whole life and just need one surgery to lengthen to tube.

*Children diagnoised in utro will most likely have a larger head, dont be scared, think positive, more room to kiss

*Do not be afraid to talk the baby out, people are going to stare...let them....and just smile, becuase you KNOW your child is beautful...they are just jealous.

* Physical, Speech, and any other Therapies are good to start when they are a newborn

* After having your child, you will think hydro is normal, basically there is not real definition of normal.
These are my opinons and mine only....i sugggest researching as much as you can, there are books out there that have some good information, ask your OBGYN or even your childs Neurosurgan.

I hope this helps some...

Becareful when you google hydrocephlaus, there are some scary things and some great information. Dont freak out about what you see, the fact is every case is different, not one is the same. But reading up on your childs condition is a great idea and google is a good resource engine to use.


Sherri said...

I love reading your posts! You are so refreshing :) I can relate to just about everything you said in this post. I love my normal little boy and looooove kissing his big forehead :)