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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So Kadyn is now on two different medications for his siezers. He is on Keppra still, and now on Lamictal. His Lamictal comes in a pill form only, so i have to crush his pill and put it in his bottle. This is a medication that you slowly have to introduce to its full dosage. So for the first two weeks, its one pill in the morning one at night, then the next two weeks its two in the morning one at night, then two weeks after he will be at his full dosage of two in the morning and two at night, along with his 2.5 mls of Keppra. I feel horrible for him. Kadyn also started his new diet of Pediasure. I was scared he wouldnt like it because i was told a lot of children dont like it. He loves strawberry flavored i know that! Which im glad. So Kadyn is doing a lot better. He is happier and more playful now. Wait until i tell his therapists tomorrow, they are going to be like are you kidding me, does he ever want to stay home. My answer, No, he is always going back, adn it seems that the past couple months, its been every two weeks he is back in the hospital. I just hope this new medication works for him. I had run into one of Kadyns old Neurosurgan RN's and she was like OMG he isnt here is he and iw as like nope buthe was yesterday, So we were talking about when she first admitted him for his first shunt infection when his shunt was exposed and we were talking. It was nice to catch up and tell her everything he can do and what not. I have to get his one medication there because the pharmacies around me like Walgreens, Meijer, Kroger, Cvs, Rite Aid dont carry it. SO that one medication im going to have to go to Childrens for but Oh well. Anyways.

So i think I've decided on what im going to do about Harvey leaveing. I'm not going to go. I believe Kadyn is too young to just start all over with new doctors. So, I've decided whats best for Kadyn medical wise is to stay here near his doctors until he is older. Harvey made this decsion expecting me to move, he didn't talk to me about this move or anything, he just assumed i would go. So, because i just dont feel comfortable makeing this move with Kadyn so long, we are not going. I understand that its a better job with benifits and more money, but the simple fact is, Kadyns health is more important to me then Harvey seeing Kadyn. I told Harvey my decsion of course, and he isn't happy, but he has to remember Kadyn is too young to tell me, my head hurts or give me nay signs in that way. I just don't want to leave my comfort zone yet. I'm not ready and i do not think Kadyn is either. The cons just out weighed the pros, so thats all i can say. Yes, it will be hard, but i have to do whats best for Kadyn not Harvey. Harvey can come visit him, on his days off or whenever, but me moving out that way, I don't think so.


I am going to go wait for Harvey to get here so he can be upset that Kadyn is already sleepiong LO!


Sherri said...

Glad to hear Kadyn is doing better! Sounds like it was a hard decision to make, but that you made the right choice. What a great Mommy :)

Kristen said...

Sounds like you made a good choice based off of good solid reasons. I agree with Sherri; it was a hard decision to make and you are a great mommy.