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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Happy Happy

What a wonderful day today turned out to be. Tomorrow is going to be fun at first at therapy then after that we have to go for an EEG, which im hoping will explain why Kadyn has had so many siezers. Makes me a sad mommy to see him go through those. Makes me want to be in his shoes for once and go through this life just like he is. If i could trade places i would just like any other mommy. I guess lately I've been kind of down about these things, i guess because this has been a rough 5 months. Im hoping there is smooth sailing for now on, because i dont think i can handle anymore stress. Kadyn is really starting to focus well on things now. He was staring at his mobile today, and he just loved it. He isnt playing with his feet as much anymore, but i think its because he is growing past that stage. I still can't get him to really play with his toys. He would rather play with a blanket and chew on it. He likes to shake his blanket in his hand and he cracks up over it. He also doesnt like being held anymore whats so ever, unless he is already upset and he only likes to go over the shoulder like. That makes me sooo sad. My little man is growing up soo fast. Now that he is rolling more, he enjoys that and not being tyed down. I try to do his therapy but he seems to do it on his own now.....besides holding his head up, but we are getting better at that. He barely holds it for a minute, but the therapist said that holding the head will come slower than anything, which i of course expected.

Kadyn is doing really well though. He is amazing me more and more, and as i wake each morning to BABABABABABABABABABABA, i just smile. Though some mornings i beg Kadyn for another hour a sleep, he always wins. LOL. Thats okay, Kadyn knows he is spoiled.

On another good note: I finally got another insurance on Kadyn. I totally forgot about Mi child, so i signed him up and it is going to take 3 months will cover everything for the day i enrolled. YAY!! HOw exciting, its a small yearly fee, which i dont remember if i have to pay or not, but oh well :). Im happy. Kadyn finally has 2 insurances now.

IM still waiting for my headrest to come in. I think im going to check out the website and see when im suppose to get it. Ok so i just wrote the company an email. We will see. I ordered it on aug 22nd. We will see.
So i got a ten dollar coupon off Luvs diapers. I always go to Target for them because they always seem to have them in Kadyns size which is 4 right now. Well, i went there with my coupon and they had a sale going on, buy two boxes and get a 15 dollar gift card. Well the diapers are 15.99. So i got one box for 5.99 and basically the other for free because the gift card. so i pretty much spent 7 bucks on two boxes of diapers. I was soooooooooooooo excited! Of course they only had one box in Kadyns size, so i got the next size up which was 5's. The great thing is that he will wear them one day so it didnt waste any money at all. I was so stoked. I love LUVS diapers. Its the only diaper that wont leak out onto his clothes or anything. He sleeps through the night and with all other diapers he would have wet pjs by morning, but with Luvs he doesnt.
Kadyn is acually sleeping now and i should be too but i cant. Idk, i think im going to tire myself out by cleaning and doing some laundry. Im going to feel horrible in the morning because i have to get up early to take Kadyn to therapy, then off to childrens around 230. IM so upset because i keep calling off because kadyn's appointments, but i dont know what else to do. Im so scared i am going to lose my job. So we will see. If i do, oh well.
Well im going to go now


Deb Morgan said...

I hope and pray your baby will do better god bless you and your whole family. Lots of love and support Deb Morgan