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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Someone please tell me where sleep has gone?

I need to go to sleep but i just can't. I tryed cleaning Kadyns room, and threw some laundry in, but yet i just can't seem to tire myself out. Ugh. I was acually going through some old pictures of Kadyn, and I found a picture that was my favorite back when he was still a newborn. This picture was taken when Kadyn was a month old. It was the day i took out his feeding tube. I told him that day, Kadyn you're going to bottle feed and you will like it! No more feeding through a tube, thats lazy. It's funny because he hasn't had the feeding tube since. This was such a cute picture to me. I dont know. All the yellow matched his tanner skin back then. Kadyn was born with tanner skin tone, but as time progressed he became fairer and fairer. He looks like his daddy here!. Kadyn is my all-star im telling you. I was just going through all his old pictures and i busted out crying. I guess you can say i miss him being that small but then again i dont, because he spent most of his time in the NICU. He only came home small like this for a little whle and then it was back into the hospital. I hated that so much. Its like he gave me a little taste of what it woulda been like for him to be home and then he was back again. The sad part was when he did come home i had to get used to waking up with him again, or so i thought i did. This little guy slept through the night when he came home, and he has been since. He has some days where he will wake up in the middle of the night and play a little but most of the time he will fall back to sleep. Well i need to try and sleep i have therapy in a few hours.
Night night!