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Monday, September 8, 2008

Kadyn is too funny!

Kadyn is still awake at almost midnight. He is laying in his bed, screaming and laughing, and haveing so much fun with his stuffed animals. It is soo funny!
Today we went to Aunt Aimee and Uncle Brians house and Cousin Matthews. We went to go see my old OBGYN (Aimees OBGYN too) because Aimee is pregnant again. He was the OBGYN i had before he released my care to a specailist. I loved my OBGYN, he is so nice and was very supportive. I had asked him to keep me for my care until it came close to Kadyns due date. He Kept me until 32 weeks, and he said just incase i go into preterm labor he would feel more comfy transfering my care then. He was the only doctor that gave me hope then, and of course Kadyns Neurosurgan gave me hope. He was soo happy to see Kadyn doing so good, and when i told him that Kadyn was only delayed in Gross motor skills he was very impressed. He said its very rare to have a child who is only delayed in that and not the smaller skills.

i got to see Aimee's baby for the first time with her, how exciting! The only thing is that its still a yolk sack, which has him worried but he really thinks that she is earlier then we thought. I hope. I am praying for her. Im super excited. It really makes me want another one. I miss the cute belly! LOL> Other than that i think I will wait for a little while.

So we spent the day with them and Kadyn didnt nap until about, 5ish.

He fell asleep like this

How adorable is he. He had the bottle in his mouth still, and it was empty so Harvey pulled it out and Kadyns hand stayed just like that! LOL. Looks like he is pretending to drink a soda or something. I love it! That dog that is in the picture, omg its soo annoying BUT Kadyn loves it, he can press the buttons on it, there is one on each paw, and his nose and ear, plus his belly, I love how he will eat the ear and it will sing a differnt song and say things before the sentence or song is even finished! Well, its time to try and get some sleep i think Kadyn is finally asleep! Yay