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Monday, September 8, 2008

Please Pray for my Bosses Son

I was just at the park the other day with Nick. Im sooo upset. I recieved a text from a co worker today, and she told me that Tim stormed out of work today very upset and she informed me that 1 year old Nick had fallen out of a two story window. He is currently at childrens hospital (detroit) to see a specailist. IM sooo scared and worried. I tryed texting my boss (tim) knowing he wouldnt respond but im hoping to get a response tomorrow. I swear, im sooo worried :-( If i know anything else i will update, but please pray that this little guy has a fast recovery. He has never been sick in his whole life, no colds, no flu no nothing. This is devistating and soooo horrible. I cryed alot!
PLease pray for him!!!!


Kristen said...

Oh how sad!! I'll be praying.