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Friday, September 19, 2008

Kadyn Vs Socks

Its getting that time of year where Kadyn will be wearing socks. It will be cold in the house in the mornings and he will be wearing long sleeve shirts and pants...well he is the deal...Kadyn hate wearing socks, and he pulls them off everytime. I Just put socks on him like ohhhh not even 2 minutes ago....they are already off. I gave him a bottle nad he has milk all over his new clean shirt. I love it! When i leave my mom will change him. I say he is a boy...let him be dirty, especailly if he is only laying around the house...who cares. BUt when i leave he will be changed. I love the outfit i have on him. Its orange and blue dino camo pants...and orange and blue shirt with a dino on from the clothing line Garanimals from walmart. I love it! Kadyn is now screaming his happy scream and taking up a storm. He is starting to repeat mama now, he knew how to say it he just never repeated it. It was always dada. LOL. Now when you say his name he will quiet down and listen...but if u say anything else he will quiet but continue moving his body arund and legs rolling everywhere. This little guy is on a mission to walk, im telling you. He wants to crawl and walk around, he wants to be a big boy and meet these milestones. He tries so hard at therapy you can tell, lifting his head, and using his arms and legs, and just trying to do all these things. He was up on all fours yesterday and tried lifting his head but ended up falling down. Iwish i had my camera, he only did it once, but it was amazing. I cried a little. :-)

Well i havent been writing much because i have been pretty busy, between working and trying to find a new job, my life has been hetic. I also have is where Sundays adn Mondays Kadyn is with his daddy, and i usually will go out. Of course since those are harveys only two days off if he wanted to go out, id be there to watch kadyn and play with my lil baby boy! (kadyn is taking his pants off as im typing)

Life is pretty much the same, Kadyns feeling better, we are happy

Let me tell you about the dream i had last night. It wasnt scary, but shocking. I was at work, and at my work i work around large 50lb bags of onions and potatoes thats are stacked up in a pallet. Well my register is right by then and i tend to lean up against them when i take a little break from cashiering, Well, i was leaning up against the onion and all the sudden they fell and i hit my head realllly hard on the metal UBoat carts we have, well my manager dug me out and i wasnt responding or anything so they called 911. Then i was talking to my sons neurosurgan and i was going to have to get a shunt placed because the head trama had made me develope hydrocephalus. Then i woke up wide eyed and feeling my head becuase it was like one of the dreams that felt so real! was scarey, but intersting because i guess its all me wishing i could trade places with kadyn, and i know i cant. Idk. I never had a dream like that before. OK now i have to go catch kadyn his pants are off adn he is under the couch. I may not have to chance him running down the halls but i sure have to make sure he keeps his cloths on, his diaper will be next trust me.