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Monday, September 22, 2008

It's just not fair!!

Kadyn is back in the hospital once again for siezers. IM so exhausted as i write this for i was almost admitted too. Well the story starts like this. Friday i left to go see my sister in Washington TWP, Mi, which is like 30 minutes from my house, He was fine all day and night friday, and all day and night saturday. We decided to go out to lunch on Sunday to celebrate my sister finding out she was pregnant with her second child. Well, we didnt make it to lunch. Kadyn had fallen asleep then woke up and began to sieze. He turned blue to i screamed call 911, my sisters husband said there was an Hospital right around the block. So we went there by the time we got there he was sleeping, and just outta it. So they made us wait in a waiting room for like 20 minutes before we were sent back to the treatment area. Well they looked like they never even heard of hydrocephalus. The only thing they could do was contact Kadyns neurologist, and see what they should do. I knew he would be transfered. Kadyn had two more siezers and so this hospital decided that they should put an iv line in him. They poked him 9 times and then i aws like STOP NOW! DONT TOUCH HIM! Either you are going to transfer me to childrens or im walking out and ill drive myself there. This has because rediculous. Well they had tryed three times in one hand, two times in each foot and two times in his neck. Yes his neck. After the neck, i told them no more, they hvae depositories that will help stop his siezers if needed, so i told them call childrens i want to go there NOW. So that doctor did. Mind you this doctor had a freaking cold and was coughing and sniffling. I didnt know they were aloud to work like that and i told him to stay away far far away from my Kadyn. Well when we got to childrens one poke thats all, Ive started, Funny because they havent even used the darn thing. But oh well. We are now awaiting neurology to come in and talk to us. Hopefully go home today or tomorrow. They started him on a new medicaine which i already forgot the name. Its been a long night. But the best part. the cute neurosurgary doctor came him. He has such a cute baby face. Awwws!