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Thursday, September 25, 2008

:-( a Mothers worst fear

so, im at work and my phone vibrates and it says home....immediatly my heart drops and i just forget to breath. i answer and its my brother. He told me something a mother never wants to hear, your son has just been transfered to childrens hopsital via ambulance, he was siezing and couldn't get it to stop. Well i stop what im doing and leave my customer hanging. I just leave, didn't care about anything or anyone. I drive home with my hazzards on, that way cops will think something is wrong and not pull me over, i grab some things, then i head to the hospital, i get there and i am escorted to the trama bay....i almost collasped when i saw my baby boy. Blood everywhere, an iv line coming from his head, him shaking and limp. I almost fell to the floor. Well the ended up taking the iv line outta his head, they used it to put medication in his head. Well they get a regular iv in and he is left alone. He falls asleep but he is having a ton of little siezers. he finally stops and goes into a deep sleep.

He is stable now, on oxygen and no siezers, he is asleep. he woke up ate and fell asleep.

ill keep updates but thats all i have for now


Kristen said...

Oh Sara, my heart just breaks for you guys. Tell Kadyn we love him and are praying for him. *big hug*

Sherri said...

How horrible. Thank God he is stable now. You will be in our prayers.

-Tara said...

Can I tell you that this gave me chills reading it. I hope he gets better soon!