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Friday, September 26, 2008

Well here is the plan

Kadyn will remain in the hospital, and reciece another siezer medication through iv until his lamictal is to its fully strength. I'm not sure if he will remain in the hospital the whole time, for this could take almost a month and a half. Idk. Kadyn is in bed now playing and screaming and having a good ol time!! He is eating now i just gave him a bottle. He is sooo happy and himself today. Yesterday he was just limp and blah. He is such a strong little guy, to go through so much yesterday and be soooo happy today. We have yet to talk to neurosurgary to see what thier plan is. If they want to check nad make sure his shutn is working or if they just want to assume that becuase it was working monday it is working today. Which i think they know that could not be true. But with Kadyn his imaging isnt good enough for them. His ventricals are always big, and when the shunt isnt working his ventricals dont get too much bigger or anything. So the only other option is tapping his shunt, which they dont want to do becuase kadyn gets infection so easily. Well that is all i have for no. I am going to go play with the little guy!