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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The pictures i promised

Kadyns Headrest finally came in YAY! I was so excited. I guess the company was in process of moving from one place to another, and well, they werent paying attention to thier orders, so they sent it. They sent the infant on and i ordered the toddler, but i decided since there as no price difference, that i would try it out, and i like the infant one soooo mcuh better then the toddler. Its fits nicer, and itsnt as big. I got bored one night and found my moms fabric markers that she doesnt use anymore. I wrote on one of Kadyns ONesizes, haha, it was kinda fun!!. IM currently trying to throw myself back into doing my crafts. I used to cross stitch and make picture frames and all those things. Kadyn has three picture frames that i made and i also made him his shelves in his room. His letters too. Im very crafty lol. Im currently working on finishing projects that i started, like a bib that i started on while i was pregnant, yeah some projects are older than that. Like a blanket i started on before my 2 year old nephew was born!! haha...

Anyways. Im going to go now, i think my lil angel fell back to sleep, i ahvent heard him move!