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Monday, September 15, 2008

Kadyn is Feeling better

Well now that whats left of Hurricane Ike has passed through Michigan, Kadyn seems to be feeling alot better. He is back up to eating all the time, and he is happy, smiling and just all and all doing better. I have heard the weather can affect the way a shunt works, and i didnt believe but now i think i do! He is content just laying and playing and rolling now. Kadyns Headrest finally came in...But they sent me the wrong size, BUTTTT this one fits better. The infanct head rest fits alot better then the toddler. Oddly enough the Toddler one is too big. (never thought id say that when it came to my sons head hehe)

I have pictures of it, but i will upload later, Its kinda nice outside so i think im going to go t babys r us and see if they have Kadyns nipple he needs to use, well the one he is using, the one his therapist wants to switch him too he refuses to use at all. So she was like let just concentrate on him eating, then we will switch him over. I was thinking isnt that they way "normal" children do. They start eating solids(purees) while still on the bottle then you introduce the sippy cup?? Idk, maybe im from another time lol.
Well i am going to get a lil bit of make up on and then im going to go to babys r us YAY!

I'll post pictures of the head rest later


Kristen said...

I haven't been online much. I had a lot of reading to catch up on. I'm so glad to hear Kadyn is feeling better.