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Friday, September 26, 2008

The plan

So the plan is he is to get a seizer medication through his IV and his keppra (old med) and his new med (lamictal) until his Lamictal is at its fully dosage, which could be up to 6 weeks. I'm not sure if he has to remain in the hosptial this whole time or if they will send him home. Idk. I will know more tomorrow when i talk to Neurology. I was so tired this morning that Harvey woke up and talked to everyone, and i stayed asleep. I like sleep. I enjoy it very much when i can get it. Anyways. I think i want some candy. Im going to go downstairs to the vending machines and get some snacks, chips and candy and everything that will make me take a step back at my weight loss project lol. More like loose the baby weight haha! Anyways.
Kadyn is overly tired and is kind of moody. I am hoping he falls asleep soon. I gave him a bottle and i hope he drinks it then goes night night for the night
I will post more as soon as i have more updates for ya!!