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Friday, September 26, 2008

Ahhh midnight at the hospital

Yes it is midnight here in Michigan. I am sitting here, being bored. I don't know. There is another girl here in this room, who spent the last 3 hours crying her eyes out. She is 2, such a cutie. Well, i am just sitting here thinking. Why Kadyn. I mean i know me thinking this won't change things. I'm not going to wake up and this all be gone away. It's not going to change. I'm not one to live in denial, but there are times where i just wish Kadyn didn't have to deal with the hospital life. It's so amazing how i see soo many families come and go, how they get sooo upset because they were told, "we are just going to watch your child over night then you can go home tomorrow" I wish i knew what that was like. I wish i knew what it was like to just come in and be sent home and told, its just a virial infection, but thats never the case. I wouldn't change my life for anything, but i would change my sons health. It's just not fair, a child so innocent, so happy, and loving, to be put through all of this. Seizers, pokes, surgeries, everything. I pray for one day that hydrocephalus has a cure, and seizers have a cure, i pray for all the children adn adults who live with this condition everyday. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring is the scariest part. I guess, i wasn't really prepared for this to be this bad. I'm just blessed that Kadyn is alive and I'm truelly blessed that Kadyn is such a happy baby boy. I was blessed that he has done so much better than anyone thought. I guess that was my midnight rambling.

Update more later.

Kadyns doing perfect right now


Kristen said...

You have had a rough year with Kadyn in the hospital so many times. It's very understandable you are exhausted and crave for a "normal" life at home. I sure hope you get some rest and things get better.