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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tomorrow is going to be scary

Its sad when im more scared of going to the peditricain than i am going to the neurosurgan. Kadyn gets his 12 month shots tomorrow, and everytime he gets his shots, he breaks a fever nor matter what we do! So i havent tryed giving him motrin before and let them give him tylenol. They have always given him tylenol, but never motrin, and ilearned in the ER that they are totally two different meds and can be used back to back. So im going to do that. Motrin before the shots then tylenol also. Hopefully this will work. I told ny work that i wasnt coming in becuase i would like to keep an eye on him. I dont want anything to happen to him. So yea im pretty scared but relieved to finally get them done. Now Kadyn also goes to childrens hospital of michigan for his pediatricain. So i have had to keep rescheduleing his appointments due to him being in the hospital. The last time i was in the hospital a neurologist told me i should try and see the same dr everytime i go. I just told him that when he is late for his shots all the time, it doesnt matter what dr he see's to me, they all know his history and pretty much who he is, and also, they have computers that they look it up in. IM more concerned about getting him the care he needs and no who i see. They are all the same to me there. I go to the same place so why does it matter. I guess im not picky when it comes to seeing the same person, especailly when he has missed appointments.

oh well.