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Monday, September 1, 2008

Wow did he scare me!

So i had finally feel asleep around 5ish. After cleaning my room inside and out, getting rid of old clothes and old things that i just had stored away. (im kinda pack rat). I was in a deep nice sleep, the kind that its hard to be waken from. Well Harvey had come over to pick up Kadyn, i knew he was coming in the morning, but i was sleeping and didnt hear him come in at all! Well he had knocked something over in Kadyns room and i jumped right up and ran into kadyns room. Which is two steps away from mine. When i saw Harvey i was like omg you scared the crap out of me. He laughed, it was kinda funny because i just jumped right up and ran. I thought kadyn had fallen outta bed. (even though he cant stand up duh sara). He is okay and i thinkim okay. I said my goodbyes to kadyn and harvey.Harvey is keeping Kadyn for the night. Its weird, im nervous about it, but i cant keep him here forever i have to let his father do it. Ugh. I have a feeling though Harvey is going to call me to come see Kadyn while he naps. hehe. Oh well. anyways.

I'll write more later, im going to go shower and get ready for the day. (i slept in till 12pm hehe and it felt great!!!)


Anonymous said...

hi! just want to say that i think you are a great mom, really!! and you have a beautiful little boy, he is so cute.. and this history is funny and cute lol ^^ well, all the best for your family! =)