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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Auntie Sherrrra I want the motorshycle

Ahhh yes and day in the life of babysitting. So I decided to be brave and take a 2 year old and a 15 month old out to the store. Luckly i can fit kadyn with his car seat in the cart and Dylan can sit in the seat. Well, i get them all situated adn we are walking in the store, and i get so many looks like, but i think they thought i was crazy for bringing to lil kids in the store. LOL I think i was too, but they were both good, Kadyn slept, and Dylan just pointed at everything he wanted. WEll there was this motorcycle that he fell in love with, and i told him if he was a good boy id buy it for him (knowing me id get it for him either way becuase it kept him busy) Well throughout the whole store, is was Auntie Sherrra i want this motorcycle, please. So i was finally like okay ill buy it for you, Well i got to pay for it and kadyns pedisure and milk and stuff, and he did the whole toddler thing nad complained the whole time it was in the bag LOL.


So we get home and i find out the motorcycle can ride on its own across the floor, what fun!! So the i look at the reciept and found out it was on sale 1/2 off, then i looked at the box and it said Batteries about dead!! ugh i didnt buy any. So i had to take some out of other toys because he got really upset that his motoshycle wasnt working anymore. So i got thta working, and for about 2 hours now he has been playing with his motorcycle

So its been peaceful day today. I was nervous about today, but it turned out better than i thought, so now im going to go put my nephew to bed, and then im going to lay down and watch soemthing other than Noggin all day :-)