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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good Morning

For once, i don't wake up when Kadyn is awake. I wake up before. I got scared, because i never wake up before Kadyn. For the first time in along time, I jumped out of bed and run into Kadyns room. There he is, breathing, and sound asleep. Whew. I turn my back MAMAMAMAMA. Haha. Cute Lil Man. So since it's 9ish i get his medications all ready. His two liquid meds and one pill. His pill, i will let disolve in a little water then mix it in with his bottle. He has been taking his two other medications very good, so those i just give to him.


Kadyns vocabulary is now, Mama, Baba, Lala, Dada, Nana, and Hiiii. Yes my son says Hi. He is grabbing toys and playing with them more and more. He his acually intrested in new textures where before he wouldnt touch any of it. He is learned to put more things in his mouth and just play with toys and not a blanket or another human. He got so used to just us playing, that he refused toys. Well with toys being a good developmental this for children, i had to step back and was told to leave him in his crib with toys and let him play by himself. :-(.
So I've been forced to torture the cat with pettings and baby vocie. She looks at me funny, but i think she enjoys the attention.

Oh well off to go get ready for another exciting day at work! YAY


Juliana said...

Hi! My name is Juliana, I'm from Brazil and I saw you video on You Tube and decided to visit your blog and I'm so happy in see that your son is healthy and beautiful as he looks. Wish you and your family all the happiness in the world and may God bless you all! Xoxo

Lilscrap said...

Hi my name is alex, i fell upon your video on youtube and i would just like to say that you are very wonderful people and im so happy to see that your little boy is doing well. I wish you the best in life and i hope your son grows up and succeeds his greatest dreams. God Bless you and god bless your family. Keep being the best parents to that cute little boy!