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Friday, October 3, 2008

Not feeling good

So you're probably thinking that Kadyns not feeling good. Kadyn is feeling mine, it's me who feels horrible. Kadyn woke me up at 5am, which is rare, he usually will wake up but fall back to sleep. Well, I woke up and ran to the bathroom, after I was done, I decided to take my tempuratue. 100.04. I felt like I just got hit by a truck. I make Kadyn his bottle and I hand it to him and i layed right back down. Well, I ended up falling back asleep, which I didn't mean too. Harvey had came over and brought me some Advil, and took care of Kadyn while i went back to sleep. Funny, i wake up at 1:30pm i flung my blankets off and searched for Kadyn, I looked in his bed, and i flipped, Harvey had him in the living room. When I work up I totally forgot that I had gotten up with Kadyn before. I was so used to getting up and staying up with him, that I just totally forgot, Well after I did that i fell to my hands and knees and just about had to catch my breath. It took everything out of me. I have been running a fever and still felt horrible. I tried to eat some toast and crackers and couldn't keep anything down, so I'm just drinking a lot of water and keeping myself hydrated. I am feeling a bit better tonight, but my head is pounding. Ugh.

I think I am going to try and go to sleep now. I will make an update on Kadyn tomorrow. For once there isn't too much to update about it. Other than he has been doing great!!