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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Therapy :-( ( Fall and Winder :-) YAY)

We didn't go. I decided it was best health wise for him to stay home and rest. On top of that, i didn't find it right to go and get other children sick, or even the therapists themselves. So Kadyn and I took the day off of therapy. Which I'm upset because next week the place is moving so they will be closed all week, so that means no therapy next week either, but thats okay, everything they do there, I can work on him here. I have a ball, i have a bumby seat, i have all the feeding utensils needed. Most importantly I have the Kadyn :-).

Kadyn seems to be a bit happier this morning, but still not all the way. He keeps dropping his bottle, normaly he sucks it down then throws it. Then he will cry for more. I was trying to get Kadyn to finish his last two cans of formula, seeing how expensive it is, i really wanted him to finish them, well its a fight toget him to drink it now. He loves the pedisure, and prefers that over formula. Well, i have news for him. He will finish his formula, ill just trick him by flavoring it up with like one of his pureed foods. He doesn't eat them anyways. I think the pedisure tastes good too. He has had Strawberry Chocolate and Vanilla. I believe he prefers the Vanilla, he seems to like that taste. I just don't like his diapers after the strawberry or chocolate. Never seen pink stool until then. I have to work today, which will be a nice break from Kadyn. He has been stressing me out with this whole being sick thing. I always think the worst but hope for the best when he gets sick. Not to mention the whole siezer ordeal we are dealing with. So far he hasn't had one since. I have been watching him closely though. I finally fell asleep last night around 4am, and here is it 9am, and I'm awake. I have been awake since 7am. I woke up to see how Kadyn was feeling, and he was still warm and congested. So i said you are staying home mister. I don't think he minds. They would just make him upset over trying to get him to drink from another bottle, which he refuses. Then they would work out his little muscles, and he would be happy for a minute but then cry and get frustrated. The only good thing, is he comes home and is ready for a nap, so we both can nap. Then I have to get up and go to work.

I'm super stoked that it is fall. I love the colors, and the changing, the leaves falling down, everything about it, minus the cold mornings. I'm so excited to put Kadyn in his new fall clothes, and put away his summer clothes. I'm all for fall. I even love winter. I think there is nothing better then sledding down a snow hill. Which Kadyn and I will be doing this winter. Not a big one, but a little baby hill that he can enjoy. I can't wait to use his huge winter snowsuit that i got for him on sale last year (original price 63.00 sale price 15.00 woot!) This Snowsuit is sooo thick i could throw him in the snow and he would stay warm. (I would never throw him in the snow though) It's awesome. He is going to make snow angels, and roll around in it, and enjoy the winter this year as much as he can. Christmas, he is going to enjoy it a little bit more, last year he loved the christmas tree, this year he will enjoy the other decorations and everything else. I'm hoping I can get him to be chewing by Christmas so he can enjoy some Christmas ham. If not, i can smush it into his little mesh feeder and he can chew on it. Oh and warm cocoa for him! Since he can drink all these things now. I'm super stoked. He is at a good age for this stuff. Even if he can't hold his head up yet, he can still have fun! I'm still going to let him enjoy life, I'm not going to let that get in the way of him having fun. Sledding, it may be a little dangerous for him, but isn't it for everyone? I'll be holding onto him and he will be fine! I have plans up until summer for us. Which doesn't always have to envolve the outdoors. But we will be having fun. I'm ready for winter, bring it on!!! (yea I'm one of those goofy people who love winter)

Halloween is getting so close, I'm super stoked for trick or treating, then going out after and celebrating my birthday!!! I'm going to get off early on my birthday, I'm just going to work the morning shift, because i want to take my child trick or treating. It's not like he is going to eat any of the candy, he is just going to get candy for his mama. No, I'll do what i did last year, give away his candy. I'll keep the suckers, those he can play with. If his dad doesn't decide what he is going to do I'm going to go buy Kadyn a costume. I'm not going to wait until last minute and him not have his costume made. So he has until my next pay check, and then I'm going and buying one. Babys r us has some cute ones, and im sure the halloween stores do too. Well, time to feed myself, then get Kadyn out of bed after that!

Bye byes