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Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's that time of year...

Ahhh yes, cold and flu season. It's approaching us. Kadyn has a cold now. I feel horrible for him. He woke me up at 5am, which is not normal at all. He was sneezeing, coughing, and just sounded congested. I feel bad for my little guy. I got up and poured him a bottle of pedisure mixed with milk. Makes Kadyn think he is getting chocolate milk, which he is, but its more healthy for him. I wish I could make his cold go away. I don't like to see him sick at all. It really hurts me badly. I can also blame it on this crazy weather. One minutes it's cold, the next its warm as can be. This is horrible for shunts. Germs thrive in this weather. So I'm keeping a closer eye on Kadyn because he gets shunt infections so easily. I don't want to have to go through that again. I am hopeing this shunt lasts him for a year maybe? Kadyn doesn't ever seem to go more that 5 months. Come to think about it, this month is his 5 months since his last surgery. The best thing is, he isn't showing any signs of his shunt not working! YAYNESS! He is passed his two week mark for being in the hospital with siezures. His only issue now is a head cold, which the only medication he is able to take is Robitusom for that. It won't effect his siezure medication. So I am going to get him some when daddy comes to get us this morning. I was told by the pediatrcain that I can give Kadyn, Childrens medications now, but just half the dosage. So thats what I will do with that. Though i still have him on Infant Motrin, but that says up to two years so that works well with him. I even asked the Neurologist if maybe Motrin or Tylenol maybe effected his siezure medication and thankfully she said no. Kadyns teething and I've been giving it to him every 4-6 hours to help with the pain along with his orjel. I didn't even realize he got in another bottome tooth, So he has four on bottom now and two in on top with another one coming in on the top. So Kadyns got 7 teeth, and doesn't like to use them. He is starting to get the chewing movement, but because he doesn't have his chair or something that he can sit up in, it is unsafe to feed him anything but a small amount of pureed foods. She also told me it was unsafe for him to lay and feed himself. I then said well, I guess a lot of mothers out there are unsafely feeding thier children. I will lay Kadyn down with a bottle and go throw in some laundry. I feel safer with him laying down than sitting up with his condition. So, now that we are put on hold until december, I am going to have to teach him to chew on solid foods and stuff. I don't understand why she did that but, I guess i should of asked.

When I come home from Virgina, I will be moving out of my parents house! A lot of things have happened in the past week and now I'm moving. Kadyns daddy, me, Kadyn, and Kadyns uncle Jonathon are getting a house. We already got it and Uncle Jonathon gets the key Nov 19th. We will then begin to paint, and move things in. So, Kadyn will have a whole new room for him. I am going to paint it orange, I beleive we are keeping the dinosaur theme. Just different paint job and no border seeing as we have it up here at my parents house. I am excited. I get my own room there and so does Kadyn. It's 5 bedrooms and a finished basement. Its a nice big house. No work but painting but i believe most houses you have to paint before you move in.

Well, thats all really. Just going to get ready, Kadyns daddy will be here at 7 to get us! YAY.

Bye bye.


sarahgoeken said...

HI I just found this blog and wanted to say that I reall enjoy reading it. Kaden is a sweatheart! Congrats on your new house and I hope Kadens shunt continues to work like it should.

Andreza said...

I'm Brazil, Kaden is a sweatheart