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Friday, November 7, 2008

Great Grandma

We have been spending a ton of time at great grandmas house (Harveys grandma). We are going to be moving out of my house. Kadyns daddy got a house and I beleive that Kadyn will do better living with just Harvey and me. It's great to have grandparent support, but when they are trying to take over and causeing stress it's better Kadyn not be in that situation. So, we have been spending less time here. I love being over at Harveys grandmas. She is really nice and loves Kadyn. She will watch him if we want to nap or run to the store and she won't get mad about it or anything. I love it!!! She really loves Kadyn a lot.


Kadyn is really sick. He has a cold and his fever is well controled with Motrin thank goodness. It was 100.9 and after motrin it came down to normal then after it had worn off it went only up to 99.9. So I am hoping this is going to go away fast. I love him and I just wish I could switch places with him. Well he is happy as can be and playful. Here is a wonderful video of my little guy being himself at Great Grandmas house.

Well please excuse the snot on his little nose, I had yet to wipe it, I did after the video.

On a funny note, I did something highly different with my hair. It is now blonde and pink. Yes Blonde and pink. I wanted to do something fun and different. I wanted to just stand out I guess. Oh and I do. I like it, I thought it would look horrible so i bought regular hair dye but luckly it came out amazing!.


Kadyns a cool kid :-)

Hope ya'll like his video


Kristen said...

I hope to see a picture of your blonde and pink hair. It sounds pretty. I think you look great with blonde hair (I remember seeing a picture of you on myspace with blonde), and I'm sure the pink is even more of a fun bold look.

I hope everything works out great with your move.