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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kadyns rash.....bye bye

Kadyn's rash disappeared today which leads me to the conclusion it was the detergent. So, I think I am comfortable enough now to just leave it alone. i lotioned him up today and bathed him. He is fine. He seems happier too. So I am thinking he was all itchy and not happy.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately. The twilight serious. Yeah I got into Twilight. I am in love with the books.

Well I am going to run now.

Kadyns crying mamamamama. Gosh that sounds amazing! lol


bridget said...

So glad Kaydn's rash has cleared up! He may just have very sensitive skin and you will always have to be careful what kinds of detergent and soap you use on him, or he could grow out of it over time. My brother was the same way when he was younger. The second my mom even thought about changing anything...boom!...rash. Oh well. Live and learn. Glad he's feeling better though. I hope you have a super Thanksgiving!

loveable_homebody said...

I've been looking through your blogspot archive and I think you're a great mom! I was born with hydrocephalus, and, like you, I'm also 22. The shunt was put in when I was ten days old and I've never had a shunt revision! So I'm always interested in the experiences of other people with hydrocephalus... Rashes are horrible. I'm glad it's gone!