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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yay for Christmas!

Yesterday noticed a rash all over Kadyns body. I thought it was egzma, but I think it's worse. I took pictures of it. I am going to call his peditricain tomorrow and see if they can squeeze him in. If not, I am taking him to the ER because I don't know if this is an allergic reaction to something, or something more, worse or whatever. I changed his detergrent back to baby detergent, and I washed everything, even his clean clothes and bedding. I tried putting egzma cream on him but he just screamed when I put it on him. His leg turned redder and I thought it was burning him so i rushed and got a wash cloth, cool, and just compressed his leg with it and he calmed down. So, I am worried. He was sleeping on the floor, I was finishing up his bedding and I went downstairs to bring it up and put it in his bed. He was passed out asleep, and he just woke up and started crying, and wouldnt stop crying. I picked him up and i held him and he stopped crying, i sat in the chair and just craddled him and he was content. He keeps hitting himself in the head, and he hasn't been eating as well as normal. I am getting a little concerned. He is back and forth between his moods lately. What gets me is Kadyn never likes to be held more then 2-5 minutes at a time. Well, he wouldn't let me put him down until his motrin kicked in. Headache? I don't know. It was all over his body (rash) but now it's just on his legs, and its really bad, and spreading into his diaper area.


Tara said...

that my dear looks just like a viral exanthem. im not sure if i spelled it right but ive seen that plenty of times! it looks just like it. and believe me im right there with ya with mood changes in michelle. and the hitting in the head too. i wonder if they ever even remember how much their head has actually hurt before and that they really shouldnt do that. as for his rash if it is that there is nothing you can do but ride it out. as crazy scary as it looks the drs look at your crazier for bringing them in when stuff is weird like that. had plenty of those looks too! lol! guess thats what happens when your going on #4! i hope it gets better soon. just watch it cause if it is that they typically spread and then in like 4 to 5 days it just disappears. crazy huh?

Tara said...

Kristen said...

Yucky! Poor Kadyn. That little kiddo always seems to have something going on. He lives such a dramatic life. He likes to keep his mama wondering. :) It was sweet he let you cuddle him for awhile.

TannaLee said...

Hi Kadyn’s mommy - - I sent you an email a week or so ago - - I’ve become so engrossed in Kadyn’s progress over the last year; it’s been such a delight reading about all his milestones (and equally distressing reading about all his troubles he’s overcome along the way!!) Here’s some feedback on your sitch from one mom to another…..A rash generally means some change has affected the skin. The cause may be either internal or external. Hopefully it’s an external allergen – usually it’s not very serious, just super uncomfortable. He may have been silently developing a case of contact dermatitis with something he’s been around in his environment and now it’s full blown. Internal could be caused by a virus, fungus, bacteria (not likely for a baby his age), or medication reaction. Sometimes, as was the case with me, babies can develop ‘hives’ out of the blue and they leave as mysteriously as they appear! But in any case, I would get him in to his Ped asap, before the holiday closures and whatnot - - given his medical history and the need to keep him as well as possible (we don’t want him to get a fever!) the doctor’s office who is familiar with his medical hx (not an urgent care clinic) needs to accommodate him. He’s a special little guy that needs above average care - - and unfortunately in my experience you often have to ask for a little extra care or you can easily get overlooked. Anyways, that’s my opinion… BTW, I live in SoCal near Palm Springs… feel SO sorry for you guys in that cold winter weather! Please be sure to let us know how your little guy does in the next few days… Luv the moose-sicles! Take care!!!

jess said...

Kadyn's Mommy -
I read your blog occasionally. It comes up on my google search of hydrocephalus. My daughter Emma has hydro, and developed seizures right before she turned 1.
I would call his neuro or ped, just in case. I was told to always watch for rashes - "drug rashes" - as some anti-seizure meds can trigger reactive rashes.
of course, it could always be contact dermatis from a detergent or new clothes or something else, but I think it's better safe than sorry with special kids.
good luck, and you can always email me back.
jess in memphis