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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Last few days.

Well, I haven't been updateing for a couple days. I was in Washington, D.C. Oh yes, our nations capital. I have pictures. Yes I do. I will post some at the end of this entry. Well, it all started Saturday morning. My flight left at 6am. I arrived in Dulles, Virgina at 7:45am. Donald came and picked me up and we went and saw my best friend Heather. After that I passed out for a couple hours, then we all went off the club Ibiza, which is the hottest night club in D.C.

The Newly weds. Heather and Dave. My bestfriends !Heather and me at the club
Donald and me at the club.
All of us waiting to get in lol!

The next day, Donald took me to Old town Manassas which there was a Antique shop, Candy shop, and a skate park, and this restaurant that had amazing food!!! We ended up going to my best friends apartment where we had tacos and birthday cake for my birthday and Donalds birthday which is today. Monday, was our trip to Washingon D.C. We had to take a Subway to D.C. We acually had to take two of them. When we got there we got off at Union Station. Then headed towards the Capitol building. Well that was under construction so we went to the Supreme Court building and walked up the stairs. We then headed to the Botaical Garden, then the the Amercain Indian museum, then to the Washington Monument then off to the White house. It was sooo much fun!

This is Union Station. Our first stop.
This is the Supreme Court building. The only building we got to walk to stairs

This is the Capitol Builing, it's currently under construction.
Ahhh the White House. This is as close as you can get.

The Washington Mounument. Beautiful!
This place was soooo pretty!!
This is part of a water fall

They Have thier Christmas Tree up!!!

This was my favorite flower there

National Museum of the American Indian.

The structure of this building is awesome!!!

This is a statue from the museum. Awesome!

Well I came home yesterday and gave Kadyn the biggest hug. I never want to go four days without him. I never ever ever want to do that again. It was kinda needed but yea. Anyways.

Today I quit my job. I can't work and take care of Kadyn anymore, It's impossible. I need to be around him more and work with him a lot more than I am. I need to have the energy to do so. I lift things all day long and when I come home I am tired as can be. I am going to try and find a job where I don't need to lift and is part time. I am hoping to get in at a bank or something. I am hoping things will work out. When I came home, I decieded to move out. I am living with Harvey and his grandma. Kadyn has a bucket that was full of quarters and coin dollars. When I got home it was gone. My brother was the only one home. He took it. I let my parents know adn they just said oh well, there is nothing that they can do. Well, I had a couple TV dinners for myself that I bought and he ate them, dumped my drinks that i had in the fridge out and drank all my pop that I bought for myself. I decided to move. I can't live there knowing that everything is going to be taken from me and I won't let my brother steal from my son.

Kadyn has been lifting his head up a lot more now. He will sometimes topple over to the side but he is trying soooo hard. Anyways. Here are some pictures of him doing so.

He is always full of smiles
lifting his head on his own
Random picture of my dog, Kielo

Lifting his head more

He smiles while he does it!!


Kimmy37 said...

I came to your blog after watching your lovely video tribute to Kadyn on youtube. Kadyn is such a beautiful baby and I love the pictures of him smiling when he holds up his head! He is also very lucky to have such a great Mommy! I was very disheartened to read about his uncle taking his money bucket. That made me so sad. I would be happy to send Kadyn a Christmas gift if you think it would help. Keep up the good work being such a good Mommy to Kadyn! He is such a doll!