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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tag I'm It

I'm just getting around to doing

was tagged by my blogging friend Kristen.

Six random things about me............
I like funny Tv shows.
I love dipping my sausage in Maple Syrup
I absoulutly love winter time
I have all my notes and cards since elementary school
I was given an award for the sloppiest handwriting
I brush my teeth 5 times a day

I don't have anyone to tag LOL! But anyone who wants to do this, You're tagged by me. Just let meknow you did it in your blog.


Primitive Lyric said...

I am Adiv's mommy! I saw your video on youtube and I was in tears. You have a beautiful baby. Sending you lots of prayers and good wishes all the way from India.

God bless.

bridget said...


I first saw your videos on YouTube and found the link to this blog. It's taken me a while, but I've read every single entry! I am not a mother (but hope to be one someday) but I think you are an amazing mother. Kadyn is adorable and the amount of love you show him is incredible. He's lucky to have you...but I'm sure you will say it's the other way around!

It's funny, but even though I don't know you or Kadyn personally, every time you write about him getting sick it makes me sad. And every time you write about a good day or something he's learned to do (like holding his bottle or lifting his head) I get so excited for you both!

I hope things continue to go well for you and you have a great Thanksgiving. I'll be back to follow Kadyn's progress!