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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thank you Caymans Mommy!!

She gave me something to do LOL!!!

What I'm not crazy about
1.) Michigan winters

2.) Michigan drivers
4.) Vegetables
5.) Being in the hospital
6.) Messy bedrooms
7.) Mean people
8.) Nurses who want to change Kadyn's diaper in the middle of the night while he is asleep.
9.) Doing the dishes
10.) Emptying the diaper pale (phew!)

Conveniences I wouldn't want to live without
1.) My Laptop
2.) Blogspot
3.) Kadyn's apnea monitor.
4.) Automatic starter for my truck
5.) Cell phone
6.) Nintendo Ds
7.) Harvey's grandma's cooking
8.) Headphones
9.) Text messaging
10.) E-mail

Things to see & do before I die
1.) Go to Australia
2.) Take Kadyn to Disneyworld
3.) Ride every rollar coaster in the world
4.) Go to an Ohio State vs. Michigan football game
5.) Make a difference
6.) I would like to see the worlds yarn ball
7.) Eat Indian food
8.) Live like an Native American for a day
9.) Get married
10.) Find a cure/ better treatment for Hydrocephalus

Things I would totally SPLURGE on if funds were unlimited.
1.) Kadyn's clothing
2.) New car like 4 of them
3.) Huge house in the middle of no where
4.) Go on a cruise
5.) Buy a motorcycle
6.) Buy a boat
7.) Get Kadyn his own house in my back yard
8.) Four wheelers
9.) My own ambulance
10.) I'd like to own a wild animal sancuary

The BEST feelings
1.) Seeing Kadyn everyday
2.) Seeing Kadyn smile
3.) Being on a motorcycle
4.) Love
5.) Knowing that you're needed
6.) When Kadyn says mama
7.) My kitty knowing im upset and comes to cheer me up
8.) Knowing that it's not his shunt
9.) The sand between my toes
10.) When people compliment my son

I tag anyone that reads this and wants to create their top 10 list. If you do post your top ten I would love it if you left me a comment telling me so I can come check out your Personal Top Tens.


Kristen said...

It made me smile to know you had some fun while you're in the hospital. :o) I'm sending my thoughts and prayers your way.

I enjoyed reading your top 10's.