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Saturday, November 8, 2008

And here we are!

Kadyn and I are here in the hospital. I can't sleep because I am scared to wake up and him siezuring. I guess now I have this fear. Yes he is on monitars but still. I want be awake so i can scream for the nurse. He has been through so much this last few months. He has always come out of this happily. It's just sad when the paramedics walk into my house and say hello Mrs Inman I know you prefer Childrens but he isn't stable enough so do you want to go to Wyandotte or Oakwood? (both hospitals are very very close). The paramedic even knew his age and weight from the last time. So I think thats horrible, but it's a good thing because then I don't have to explain everything.

I'm bored. Kadyn is sleeping soundly. I tried reading, sewing, writing, this, I am just restless. I am listening to some relaxing music. It's nice. It helps I guess.

I am thinking I am going to take Kadyn to a place where they specailize in just Neurology. I just don't think his neurologists are doing enough. So, it's second opinion time on this. I can't just sit back anymore. Obvioulsly they aren't doing enough, so it's time to find some place that may do more. They think it was a febrile siezure, I don't. A 45 minute febrile siezure? I don't know. Things are just crazy. Anyways...

I think I am going to try and at least close my eyes. Maybe I will go back to reading my book.

Or something


RubiadeJimani said...

"Things to do and see before I do - N° 5: Make a difference"... You have, you already have, Sarah...

I will do the lists aswell, as I find them very interesting to reflect. I am not on blogspot, but instead you can find me on if you would be interested.

Jordan said...

just stumbled on your blogspot - just wanted to say what a great mom you seem to be and it's amazing to see how much you love your incredibly adorable son.