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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I may have a job!!

So, I got a phone interview tomorrow for Charter One Bank!!! I love to work honestly. I think I'll love this job! It pays good and it has great benifits! Yay! So anyways. wish me luck tomorrow.

Kadyn has a doctors appointment next monday. He is going in for his flu shot and his 15 month shots. He is behind on his shots due to him like being in the hospital. So I hope he is feeling better by chrsitmas. I wish I could reschedual but, this is so important that I am just going to get it done and overwith, and knowing Kadyn he will be fine the next day. Such a silly boy

The only thing im worried about now is Kadyn is sleeping a lot more often now. I had to wake him up and when he woke up he was siezureing. Ugh. He hasn't done it since, so I am thinking it was just because he was waking up. Children are prone to siezures when they are wakeing up and when they are falling asleep.

He is playing now, but I will be keeping an eye out on him. I was going to do Therapy things with him but I think I am going to hold off today just incase. I don't want to overstimulate him.


Wish me luck on my interview tomorrow


Sweetest Girl in the World said...

Good luck! What type of seizures is he having? Audrey has a couple during the day but usually it's when she's due for her meds and when she's waking up and very tired. She has partial complex seizures and they occur on the right side of her brain - I only notice her seizing when her eyes roll around and jiggle uncontrollably. Anyway, Good luck with your interview - I hope it goes well!!!

Kristen said...

Good luck with the interview! I'm sure your enthusiasm for this particular job and for working will set a very positive mood during the interview and help it to go well.

bridget said...

I hope the interview went well! Glad to hear that Kaydn is eating better too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending positive vibes for all good things!

Anonymous said...

Good luck - just be yourself and it will go just fine! We're rooting for you! I sure hope baby's flu shot goes smoothly...
I hope you can post some video of him diving into his presents next week :-)