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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ugh :-(

So I never did my phone interview. Kadyn is acting funny. He has been sleeping a lot, and he has been cranky, and he hasn't been eating a lot, So i waited all day to talk to the neurosurgan himself. I guess he has a lot of emergancies today. He called back right before he went home and I explained my situation and he told me to ride it out today and call back early tomorrow, and that he is going to get him in tomorrow to see him. Harvey even noticed how Kadyns appitie has been so low. LIke he normally eats 5-6 8 ounce bottles a day, I am lucky to get 1 in him right now. I called the guy that I was suppose to have the phone interview and explained everything to him, he said he understood, and that I was to call him back as soon as I got my son healthy again. He said that he only has a few questions, and said that he wouldn't want to be interupted during the interview. He thanked me for calling and letting him know what was going on. He said that was the best thing for me to do. He said I still had a chance at getting the job. I told him that i would possibly beable to call tomorrow depending on what his neurosurgan said. The guy said he hopes for the best and wishes me luck. So tomorrow I am going to call his neurosurgan back tomorrow.

This sucks so close to Christmas. Oh well. The Neurosurgan said if Kadyn gets worse, he throws up or he starts having any kind of seizure to bring him in right away. So I am watching him tonight. NO sleep for mommy.

Kadyn today woke up at 7am, then he took a nap about noon until 3pm...then he just fell asleep at around 5. Ugh, I don't know what to do :-(. He was cranky the whole time he was awake. He has had 1 whole bottle today, if that.

Ugh. :-( This isn't looking good at all

Update: Kadyn woke up crying, and only stopped crying when i held him for a little bit, i put him back down adn gave him prune juice because he hasnt been pooping very well, so i gave him some of that and he drank it then started crying again. I just took his temp 99.4 with no signs of stuffy nose or any kind of infection. I think I am going to wait a little bit, Take Kadyns temp again then if it's still feverish we are going to the emergancy room.