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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kadyn finally likes to say Mama more

Today kadyn said nothing but Mama. All day long. He said dada a few times, but it was mostly mama. That makes me sooo happy. He is no saying Hiiiiiiii nad making his good ol beat box noises. He is truely being amazing.

I got him sitting up more often, and I am also helping him hold his head up. He is imporving. Slowly but surely. I am just glad he is more settled about it. He used to just cry and cry and cry and now he is used it doing it. I am hoping to have him holding his head up in the next few months. It's been a long rode with him becuase everytime he has a siezure he gets set back...ALOT with his physical therapy.

I also had Kadyn eat today. He had apple sauce that has strawberry in it. He loved it. HE took 5 bites before he rolled away and just wanted to play. I'll take that and run with it. The fact that he willingly took 5 bites makes me sooo happy. I am going to work with him more in that area now that he is feeling a bit better. It's so hard to work with him when he is constantly in and out of the hospital. I am just glad that he is now been home for over a month with no hospital trips except for check ups.

I'm just hoping to continue this streak though christmas. Thats all im praying for and after Ill continue to pray for more. But i like to just hope through the holidays.

Well I am going to go wrap some gifts since Kadyn is sleeping. I love wrapping gifts just as much as i love unwrapping them.


Kristen said...

I'm so glad to hear the strides that Kadyn is making! It's marvelous to hear about how he is talking, and saying actual words. That gives me hope that Cayman will say "mama" someday too.